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F&B Nutrition Consultancy

For Restaurants / Meal Plan Provider / Hospitality companies

Wellness & Nutrition Expert – Kerry Brouillet, is thrilled to offer her unique F&B Consultancy Services.

Kerry has combined her training with the Emirates School of Hospitality and her Nutrition knowledge to offer new and exciting concepts to develop your current F&B offering.

In addition to accommodating the growing demand for certain dietary requirements or allergies, establishments must now add elements of ‘Balanced Nutrition’ to menu’s, with dishes that are made to fuel & Nourish the body.

In line with your current Brand & Philosophy, we will create enticing Wellness Menus to help Educate & Empower your customers and staff, allowing them to achieve the ultimate feeling of satisfaction after each and every bite!


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We’re a health-conscious, food loving team who are determined to help you stay focused and work towards your wellness goals!

We believe that one size most certainly ‘does not’ fit all. We will not allow a computer to put you into a ‘category’ or an algorithm to provide you with a ‘plan’ to work on your health and wellness goals. We will be by your side every step of the way!

As Technology evolves even further, we are starting to miss the ‘human touch’. We want to bring that back with interactive coaching methods which are effective with proven results but above all, fun and personal!


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