Corporate Wellness Webinars & Workshops

Empowering your employees or 6 form school leavers with the tools they need to help engage the mind, fuel the body and nurture the spirit.

Corporate Wellness Webinars

Loving Life With Lemons will facilitate series of Wellness Webinars for your company to support, educate and empower your staff members to help them achieve health and vitality!

We work with professionals from all over the world who are experts in their field. These professional coaches will aim to deliver sessions which focus on teaching healthy habits to attain greater level of physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Past Webinars Include…

Link between Immunity & Nutrition

Gut health

Live/Eat right for your Blood Type

Relaxation/mindfulness with the help of the five senses

Immunity 2.0

Sleep hygiene

Stress & Anxiety Management

Healthy Eating Workshops / Schools

Educate your leavers with an engaging and exciting workshop which will empower the 6 th form student to learn the best practices to take forward into university and prepare them for living alone.

Learning to love the kitchen and make simple, balanced, home cooked meals is the foundation for a successful and healthy relationship with food.

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