Did you know that healing your Vagus Nerve can naturally help to decrease anxiety and stress?

Kelly King specializes in helping people overcome emotional eating, insomnia and anxiety, to excel their mental and physical health – naturally, without medication.

Living in Dubai for 10 years, Kelly encountered the extreme life pressures that expat life can bring. She struggled with Alopecia, weight loss and insomnia during her life, that were all related to stress and anxiety.

Watch this video to find out more about how the Vagus Nerve Affects anxiety and health and how we can heal it naturally.


Kelly studied the mind and body connection to qualify as a Rapid Transformation Therapist in London, UK and now works online with clients all over the world.

Her program will identify and remove the root cause of issues in just 1-3 sessions, bringing about fast and lasting results. It combines Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), mindfulness and neuroplasticity. She offers online sessions, with client’s experiencing amazing results.

Contact her hello@kellywellnesslife.com to discuss how quickly and easily you can get your life and freedom back.