OMG is a perfect nutritious, superfood golden latte that tastes delicious and is packed with all the health benefits turmeric provides. From sourcing the ingredients and creating the unique blend, to packaging every sachet, the brand is a passion-project that is run by Angela Bishara herself. She is set on a mission to spread the healing qualities of the golden mix, transforming the lives of people with health conditions and those wishing to support their immune system.

She was inspired to create OhMyGold, after discovering a way to relieve her painful symptoms from reactive arthritis and Hashimoto’s. The remarkable benefits of turmeric and its presence in her daily diet, proved life altering. Unable to source a quality blend in the local market, she quickly recognized the need for an organic, vegan, non-additive, and versatile product that would taste good and could easily be added into beverages or food of choice.

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