You may have heard that weight loss is down to 80% Nutrition and 20% Fitness, while scientific studies show this may be close to the truth, there is no arguing that without regular exercise where your heartrate increases and you actually start to ‘sweat’ during that workout, your muscles and bones will continue to lose mass, strength and deteriorate as you age.

Essentially, to lose weight and see physical changes, you need to increase your physical activity, your the levels of fitness should also increase and you should be aware of the quality of foods you are consuming along with your calorie intake.

It’s not just about the number on the scales, which is what we tell our clients; its more importantly about the way you feel. Your sleep quality, your mood when you wake in the morning and your overall feeling of satisfaction and balance with your energy levels throughout the day. These feelings are often controlled by our energy output (How often we move our body!)

With any new wellness plan the essential components for successful change are:

1) Modifications to your diet

2) Physical activity alterations

3) Behavioral changes (Mindset)

Each of these components are equally important with creating that sustainable and enjoyable healthy lifestyle. Here are a few tips on how you can plan your week ahead to gain control and direct your lifestyle for positive healthy changes!

Be ready and focused to make those changes!

  • Look at the balance on your plate of food with each meal (Are you getting enough Carbs, Healthy Fats and Protein?)
  • Pre-plan meals and snacks
  • Substitute exercise in the place of snacking
  • Eat meals and snacks at scheduled times
  • Stock the pantry with nutritious and easy to prepare foods to avoid snacking on highly processed foods
  • Sign up to a new wellness program that supports you and your unique journey

Back for its fifth anniversary year, the challenge is simple: complete 30 minutes of activity each day for 30 days. Dubai Fitness Challenge helps create a fitness-focused mindset and inspires us all to seek healthy, active lifestyles. With a month-long calendar of free workouts, exciting fitness events and wellness-centric entertainment, there’s plenty of inspiration to keep moving.

Fitness lovers, gyms and new concepts in the city will be going all out to showcase what they’ve got, there’s a huge list of activities available for anyone to try for free.

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