Hi all,

I have been a friend of Kerry’s for 20 years from our flying days together. During that time we had lots of fun, both got married, had 2 beautiful children each and are now beginning our second careers! I am now based back in the UK and have retrained as an Occupational Therapist.

The above statement from the World Health Organisation pretty much sums up how our profession works. We are holistic practitioners and therefore treat the person as a whole and this incorporates so many facets. This is very subjective to each person as none of us are the same!! I know this is very much how Kerry works and the Loving Life with Lemons team design their plans with this in mind. There is no ‘one size fits all!’

I would like to focus on self compassion a little today as it’s so vital to health and well-being.

How often do we beat ourselves up over things that haven’t gone quite according to plan or the way we would want them to?! I know I’m guilty! Putting pressure on ourselves and comparing our achievements with others. Whether be our parenting skills, diet, exercise plan. The voices in your head on repeat “You should’ve done this” “Why didn’t you do this” etc…

Give yourself a break!!!!

The things we say to ourselves we often would never say to other people so why do we think it’s okay to say to ourselves?!


How often do your thought processes go something like this……

I just ate a biscuit

That’s all my hard work gone to waste

Well I might as well eat them all now

I’m such a failure

I’m going to be overweight forever

Why does everyone else have more willpower than me…..and so on ….


We have a tendency (as in the image above) to label a day good OR bad. Our days are made up of many moments and granted some are better than others but they are just moments!!! Reflect and move on! Don’t beat yourself up …

As a Mum of 2 young kids myself sometimes I go into meltdown and think “I need a weekend at a 5 star spa”!! Sometimes it’s the smallest of things that can improve our perspective and well-being…. A bath, a book, going to see a friend, doing our nails etc…. Be self-aware and take time to do the things YOU enjoy no matter how small …they are IMPORTANT!

Hope this helps you all to start searching for that self-awareness and self-compassion whilst you’re on this journey and take advantage of the support offered by these amazing coaches at LWL!

Nicola x