Simple Healthy Meals Recipe E-Book

All the recipes in this book are inspired by the use of colorful, nutrient dense ingredients full of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

They do not contain any refined sugar and are free from Dairy and Gluten.

Making these easy recipes 3-5 times a week will help to restore balance and energy levels, while improving your gut health and digestive system.

About The Author

Hi, I’m Kerry a certified Nutrition coach, Wife and Mummy to two amazing children!

I have experience working in The Hospitality Industry all over the world, currently living in the United Arab Emirates for over 20 years. I’ve been a serious foodie ever since I can remember! Originally from London U.K, with Turkish parents who owned restaurants in Central London.

My Father who was a wonderful Chef, took great pride in showing us how things worked in business, whilst my Mother, an amazing home cook, would ask my siblings and I to help prepare the traditional family recipes, which were passed down through generations. I loved this part of my life and these experiences fuelled my passion to create innovative and nutritious recipes and become a succesful Recipe developer and an impactful Nutrition Coach.

Both my Recipe book and The 21 Day Challenge were developed through my passion for good nutrition and love for cooking. I also enjoy teaching you the technical aspect, knowledge about certain ingredients, preparing balanced recipes, preparation time, making flavourful nutritious meals that will improve your gut and digestive health.

If you are looking for the right tools to help you make well-balanced, nutrient dense, Dairy and Gluten Free meals, you will love my Simple Healthy Meals Recipe Book and you will love the results that you see and most importantly FEEL when you complete the 21 Day Challenge!