Michel Brouillet

Michel Brouillet

Welllness Coach

Brief Info

Michel or (Mitch) for short, is your Wellness Coach and the man who developed The Wellness Zone along with Kerry.

He excelled in sports at a young age, living in Dubai and Saudi Arabia in The 1980’s. He was particularly interested in Baseball and in Martial arts where he built a strong foundation for his physical and mental strength.

Having lost a total of 25 Kilos himself when he veered off his wellness path, he knows exactly what it takes to get back on track and will help you stay focused with the drive and passion required to achieve results.

Progressing through life, always loving extreme sports, meeting new people, food and travel Mitch will always have a few stories to share and make sure you have lots of fun when you sign up for The Wellness Zone!

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It was my last chance to try something – anything to regain my health. In just two months Kerry has managed to help me more than a year of doctors treatments. I am able to eat foods I had become allergic to!

Sarah, London