Ginger is such a powerful ingredient that I absolutely love using in my cooking but I also love to have it in a juice! One of our lovely LLWL clients presented this to us when we met her for the first time and we fell in love with her combination of ingredients!

Ginger can help to reduce gas and improve digestion, relieve nausea, pain and can even help to reduce inflammation.

Be warned that if you do try the recipe below we recommend that you consume it as a shot rather than a juice as its super powerful and just a small amount goes a long way!

Powerful Ginger Turmeric Orange Shot (1 bottle – approx. 500ml)


60g fresh ginger, cut into small pieces

1 apple, remove the seeds and cut into pieces

4-6 oranges, fresh juice (400ml)

2-3 lemons, fresh juice (80ml)

1 teaspoon Turmeric

Pepper, for serving


1. Juice your oranges and lemons

2. To a high-speed blender add the ginger, apple, the juice of orange and lemons, turmeric and blend on high for about 30 seconds.

3. Add a little water if it has trouble blending but you shouldn’t need any. Then strain through a small fine mesh strainer.

4. FOR SERVING: Divide between serving glasses (max 80ml per person) and enjoy!